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Wednesday, August 16th, 2017
3:53 pm - Nazi Furs Update

Delayed In the wake of recent social unrest, both within the furry fandom resulting from the activities of the Furry Raiders and Real World "alt-right" violence, we would like to take a moment to make a statement regarding this community.

This group is not associated with the Furry Raiders. This group is not and never was associated with the "furzis" of Second Life. Members of those groups are their own entities and neither asked nor received any approval or support from the members of this community.

While this community has been inactive for several years, the recent resurgence in "nazi bashing" within the furry fandom has prompted me to revisit this group to reiterate the foundations of our origin.

Nazi_Furs was created by a bunch of nerds.
Yes, you read correctly. A bunch of big old nerdy nerds started nazi_furs to post stories, art, historical articles, images from WWII museums, reenacting and living history events, and sometimes little animated gifs of dancing hitlers that we thought were funny.

Most of our members were card carrying homosexuals. Almost all of our moderators were gay, trans, or some other color of "unacceptable" to ACTUAL NEO-NAZIS.

We created the paw print armband thing almost 13 years ago, long before the Furry Raiders adopted it without our consent. We created that image not as a means of spreading hatred, or to symbolize intolerance, but in a spirit of understanding that images like the swastica could potentially cause emotional distress to some people.

Many of us have well researched and thought out fursonas that inhabit a world set during WWII era Germany. The setting used in many movies like Bed-knobs and Broomsticks, Indiana Jones, Iron Sky, and Dead Snow lends itself well to fantasy. Setting talking animal people into this backdrop did not seem like such a huge clusterfuck at the time.

Nazis are a cliche', relegated to "the bad guys" in popular culture. The sharp uniforms, advanced military weapons and tactics, crackpot schemes, and paranormal ties are used all the time in modern media. They are a caricature of what they were 70+ years ago, much like ninjas (paid assassins) and pirates (murderers and thieves) are today. Once you have been relegated to a children's Halloween costume you no longer have the influence to command respect or fear.

Let us allow nazis to be just that, a cliche condemned to be the "bumbling bad guys". Let us laugh at them and rob them of any authority they feel they may have. There haven't been any "REAL" nazis since the downfall of the NSDAP in 1945, and any members of that movement would be pushing 90 by now.

Furry Raiders and the "alt-right" are not nazi_furs. They are hateful individuals putting on costumes pretending to be like people they do not understand who have been dead for years. These people WANT you to associate them with nazis, and calling them that only feeds their egos. Lets try not to do that.

If you take anything away from our group, let it be a reminder of our origins as nerdy nerds pouring over history books, saturating ourselves in history to better understand what happened in the 1930s and 40s. Take a look at our current situation we find ourselves in and ask yourselves if we are all doomed to repeat our past mistakes. Then focus your rage and disapproval in a productive manner. Get out there and vote the real racist out of office. Mobilize in peaceful protest, advocate for the oppressed and downtrodden. Make the world a better place than you found it.

current mood: disappointed

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Saturday, December 9th, 2017
5:37 am - Telegram group?


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Wednesday, September 6th, 2017
2:16 am - FA Code of Conduct changes.


"Do not identify with or promote hate groups and their ideologies
A hate group is one that advocates and practices hatred, hostility, or violence towards members of a designated sector of society (e.g. Nazism, KKK, ISIS). Symbols specifically associated with these groups will not be permitted in user avatars, non-fictional content, or content intended solely to disrupt the community.

Users who identify with or promote hate groups and their ideologies may be permanently banned from Fur Affinity without warning."

While the wording of this policy update implies that it applies to nazi related content posted simply to antagonize other FA users, the vagueness of the phrase "users who IDENTIFY" is troubling. There are no policy in place by which we are told how this identification will be determined. The term "Symbols specifically associated with" is troubling as well, left open to the whims and biases of FA moderators.

I foresee issues arising whereby moderators start handing down bans for ANY content related to WWII Germany whether it is politicized or antagonistic or not.
All of this should be moot considering applying anthropomorphism to national socialism automatically renders it "fictional content".

These updates to the Code of Conduct are retroactive, and will go into effect for existing content as of September 18, 2017.

FurAffinity is encouraging other users to report content.

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Tuesday, December 10th, 2013
7:46 pm - Rebirth

Hello all. My name is Adrian. I have recently become aware of your existence and have decided that I wanted to join. However, I see a predicament of this place being deserted. I was hoping that possibly, I could help reform the Nazi Furs, because I hte seeing such good ideas going to waste. A non-racist, yet Nazi inspired group? Like a dream come true, especially due to the fact it's for furries like us. Please, I would like to help.

current mood: hopeful

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Friday, October 25th, 2013
11:19 pm - hi...

Hi... I'm new here... I'm looking for a german soldier boy.... I mean... oh I'm no good at this! *blush* I'm looking for a roleplay partner for maby some fun... just leave me a note and maby you can teach me some stuff?

current mood: lonely

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Saturday, November 19th, 2011
1:47 am - nazi nazi nazi

oh hey... are you guys still here?
so Haubitze and I were talking about this group over dinner tonight.
I was whistfully remembering back when I founded this group in 2005, and how the throngs of posers and retards calling themselves nazi furs eventually wore me down into not giving a shit about this place anymore. Honestly, I think this is the first time I've gotten seriously drunk and bothered to check the community in years. noone's even posted since the last time I came here except for whoever that new person was on the 8th.
So yea. I tried to keep things alive here. noone was interested in history or art or movies... just talking about fucking in uniforms or the occasional weirdo i'd meet at a con that was just creepy about it all, or those fucking idiots I never approved for membership here who just went out and stirred up drama and bullshit and claimed to be one of us anyways.
I was reading jim groat's views on us and couldn't help but think he was half right. I'm sure his stories are just as much bullshit as his babyfur ones (jim is as full of shit as he claims those diapers are) but I've met some of those awkward children that think being a nazi is cool just for it's shock value.
i just don't care about, well, caring any more. For a long time I did. I came up with the paw print instead of a swastika to try to be less offensive to thos butthurt furs that took offense. I tried to explaine things to those close minded fuckshits that whined about us on CYD or where the fuck ever... i took it all to heart because damn it I'd worked HARD to give us a home, to make us into a group. This was the first place we ever came together as a group, MY ROOM at cons were the first place we could get together in person (and i got you fuckers drunk for free!) i believed that we were more than just some children looking to piss others off, more than just douches looking to shock people. I even caught flack from the Furzis because I was trying to make this group as inclusive as possible... can you belive they gave me shit for including uniform fetishists? well, they got the boot from LJ for letting all the retards I'd banned from her in. good job.
hold on... time for more booze...
okay... better...
so where was I?
uhm... oh yeah... I'm sad guys. I wish the folks I knew who were interested in this, the ones I know aren't the children I describe above, would step forward and spark a renewal in this group... or start the group again in a new light in a new venue... or something...
This was my child, my baby, my creation. I was so passionate about it for such a long time until i got burnt out by all the critisizm and shit slinging and... uh... stuff I guess? where was I?
anyways... so hey. i wish some of you would do better than what we've seen from everyone else. :(

Banalheart, shoji, kitshoji, remy... what the hell ever you guys wanna call me these days.
Dictated, not read, et. al. ad nausium. ipsum delorus ipicac.

current mood: drunk

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Tuesday, November 8th, 2011
9:28 pm - Hello.

I am very, very new here. I literally just joined about five minutes ago. I saw the group from the WikiFur page after hours of searching for other NaziFurs on the web and having no luck.
                        Just saying hi and all. Add me to YIM if you wish to talk and all, i'm pretty talkative when the mood takes me. I currently live in the UK, not far from Bristol. 
Not much else to say, so bye for now. Hope to speak to some of you soon.

current mood: amused

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Tuesday, September 30th, 2008
6:10 pm

New! unmoderated posting in nazifurs! Open membership in nazifurs!

We had a community maintainer's luncheon today after a trip to the Huntsville veterans museum. Over King Ludwig Chicken and Schnitzel Berliner we decided to open up the community rather than delete it.
There's been some personal butthurt behind the scenes that made me contemplate whether or not I had a continued interest in this community.
This was a community that I founded together with my now ex-mate. Recently he removed himself as a moderator and decided that he no longer had an interest in WWII german history because he moved to california and read a book that said nazis killed jews and that it was bad.
haubitze had been a moderator for a while- a very very silent one, but has since stepped up to fill sly's spot. I'm still not sure what future this group has.

I'm interested to see where this goes. The community has been dead for a while. it should be fun to shake things up.

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Tuesday, September 26th, 2006
11:12 pm

sdfj jhf i w3 e we q 32re w w s DSA C 23 e23e c sdv

that jkhfaklsjd for "b00b"

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11:11 pm - UPDATE

Just a few updates.

Anyone recently ejected from the group should rejoin, if they so wish.
An error on my part was made while granting new members unmoderated posting rights resulting in the ejection of at least 2 members. Just join again and I'll approve you.

The community is being set to friends only by default, a move I should have made originaly but didn't because we have many more "watched by"s than "members". I originaly intended for people to be able to veiw the content here without having to join, but this is not possible at this time. Stronger membership guidelines need to be in place.

That being said let me address some things.
We are a mish-mash community. I founded this community back in march of last year because I noticed a lot of furs had "Nazi Germany" and "Hitler" and other WWII axis related interests listed on their info pages. This is why I chose the name "nazi_furs" rather than something less sinister sounding.
Following in the steps of hitler_lolz and the like I created a group intended to be a "catch all" community for the varied furs with their varied interests to come together.
The first few posts in this community were historical articles, but the fetish side of things quickly became the main topic of discussion. I followed this trend by posting pin up art I'd drawn, or linking to comedy type things rather than continueing to post the history links I'd intended.

The Lulz took over for me, and I created T-shirts and arm bands and hosted room parties at conventions. Much less went on at these than popular myth allows.
When writting about the events at these cons I often adopted a lengthy Gonzo or satirical approach, mixing parts fact, bullshit, and down right lies within the accounts. Sensationalism being my intended target, some of the thing I'd written have been taken out out of context, offered as "quotes" outside of the obviously satirical body of the rest of my posts.

We do not, as a community, undertake to dictate a person's individual views outside of our community. It is not policy to eject an individual based on things that they post, say, or do outside of the confines of our community.
We attempt to prescreen members in the interest of maintianing security within our community. A close eye is kept on all new members and new member post are moderated until it is determened by one of the maitainers that the new member is not, in fact, a fucktard.
We have, in the past, declined requests for membership from racists, trolls, and hatemongerers. We've even, unfortunately, had to eject one of our own in the past for posting links to racist content and bringing a personal grudge against another member into the pages of our group.
These individuals would find in us no fellowship of brothers, no comerades of hate. We are (mostly) homosexuals with liberal world views. Though this is not intended as a fact of ALL members, it is a generalization that fits itself to the "norm" of Fandom. The idea that we could be "OMG REAL!" nazis is laughable at best.
Sometimes people do not see that irony when viewing our little group (104 members- not so little!) and take it at face value, giving rise to all maner of hullabaloo and complaint.

I have been glad to have you all as members. Your creativity and wit have been welcome. Despite recent dramas let us continue to make this community a place where we can laugh above all else.

--Your wearied Maintainer.

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8:29 pm - repro uniform

I found this chinese company doing these german m40 uniform repros on ebay.

They look allright, slightly crude but.. I think theres going to be one hanging in my closet by halloween.


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Monday, September 25th, 2006
2:02 am

furry dictators?Collapse )
Art by AutumnSnow Studio at foxwolfen.com

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Wednesday, September 6th, 2006
11:14 pm - Badge!

This was commissioned from me by ashland_pup for banalheart at this past MFM:

It will be mailed out shortly. :D
My scanner completely wiped out the yellow tint in the map of Poland. ;.; Sorry for any inaccuracies, I've never drawn any SS garb before. o_o; And it's all caleb_badger's fault anyhow cause he pointed what to draw at me!

Also- I plan on having a babyfur art page setup for myself at some point, do you mind if I have your badge displayed there? :D

current mood: artistic

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Sunday, September 3rd, 2006
7:35 pm - Guten Tag meine Freunde.

Hello folks! I was really surprised to find so many people that shared a similiar passion that I do when it comes to uniforms, the phenomenon of war, why it happens, and just the all around turbulence of a past time period.

A bit about myself - I'm a currently attending college student at Cal. State Northridge, majoring in Sociology with the special selection of Criminology and Criminal Justice. Fun stuff. I guess it's the sociology student in me that has a desire to figure out why war happens in every sense of the word. My father was in the air force and I grew up around him watching war documentaries, because he - too, could not understand why war took place, and wanted to figure it out.

I have a LOVE of certain uniforms - specifically, police, third reich, and some types of soviet uniforms - but third reich first and foremost. I have built a character in the well known 'Second Life' game that is a Luftwaffe Batbat. Much study went into trying to get the outfit down to accurate historical insignia and badges.

I really dig industrial music - specifically, industrial electro and EBM. Funkervogt would be my favorite band - though anything within the genre works. Most know me in the fandom by Rainbow Roo, though I often go by 'Cyclosarin' now.

I also have a fascination with war machines. Specifically the aviation areas of an army, as well as tanks. Luftwaffe and Panzer are the two divisions I study most.

There's my little intro post. XD

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Friday, September 1st, 2006
9:55 pm - "i am not a Nazi!"

Got kicked out/er asked to leave a german deli/bakery today in Lakewood Washington. Hess.

If you can ever get to there, theyve excellent meats and fresh breads.

Wore my officers trenchoat this evening, why?...i dunno, boredom.

The german gal cashier asked me what iw as wearing and i told her, she asked me why i would ever own such a thing.

I gave her the simple "well i like hardcore leather bars, gay ya know?, and nothings quite as sexy as dressing like a nazi ya dig?".

she couldnt take the joke and asked me to please pay and leave.

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Wednesday, August 30th, 2006
12:38 pm - 57th Fighter Group

Alright Nazi furs, I have decided where we will be going for dinner at Furry Weekend Atlanta next year. The 57th Fighter Group is a restaurant with a WWII theme, complete with ambient music from the 1940's, wartime photographs decorating the walls, and a lawn full of aircraft and vehicles from that time period. According to my source, it's at the end of a runway at Dekalb-Peachtree airport, and the booths have headphones with which you can listen to air traffic from the airport as planes fly in overhead. Menu prices are decent, and they have a good variety; I read on another page that they serve calamari, and my source recommends the beer cheese soup. How many of you can we expect to come with us to this restaurant?

current mood: calm

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Monday, August 28th, 2006
5:36 pm - MFM Room Party

Hello Hello!

This year, the MFM room party will be held in my room, since our benevolent moderators will be staying with me. I, however, have escaped any room party responsibilities once again, so I have absolutely no idea when it will be held. To find out the time and room number, you can wander around the convention and try to find us. I'm too lazy/shy to take a relevant picture of myself right now, so here's a photo of my tail. As Sly said for the RCFM room party post, he'll be "the cute one wearing the M43 and Shoji's the big creepy-looking guy with glasses and a goatee". I'm honestly not expecting any new faces at the room party, but hey, if you are new, it shouldn't be that hard to find us.

As for party activities, I would assume we're going to watch a few movies as we typically do, and I was going to suggest a run to Waffle Haus, because breakfast in the middle of the night is always awesome. Alcohol will be present, but if you want some I would recommend bringing your own. I don't share mine.

Also, I have a strict No Bolshevik rule in my room, unless they are kept on a leash and supervised at all times. I won't hesitate to kick people out if this rule is broken, or if dumbass furfag drama starts.

Thank you for your attention, and hopefully we'll see you at MFM.

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Sunday, August 20th, 2006
2:11 pm - SS uniform

I cant say what it is exactly, but does this uniform look a tad odd to anyone else here?


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Thursday, August 10th, 2006
2:42 pm - Some art


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Monday, August 7th, 2006
12:39 pm

Hiroshima Day was yesterday.

August 9 cometh Nagasaki.


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