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Nazi Furs- Pelz der Schutzstaffel

╬ "Specilized German WW2 Uniform Fetish" Furs ╬
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.: Nazi_Furs history:.
The legacy of the Nazi Furs can be traced back to Allied-occupied, post WW2 Germany. With the fall of the Nazis and the end of the Lollercaust, Adolf Hitler initiated one last tactic to preserve The Third Reich before quitting IRL forever!!! The SS-Werewolves, a loose band of furries and otherkin, dressed as normal, Wienerwurst-sucking Krauts in the daytime yet at night donned their fursuits and ravaged the villages in Guerrilla style yiffing. The insurgency campaign struck the Allied troops hard but was unsuccessful in the end when the demoralized SS-Werewolves disbanded after a US bombing of a furry porn server. Even so, Hitler went to the grave knowing The SS-Werewolves would rise again to further his vision.Sixty years later, the SS-Werewolves began regrouping under the title "Nazi Furs," a minor niche amongst the larger furry fandom. Despite the fandom's taboo on social acceptance no matter how strange or tactless the fetish, the Nazi Furs have endured conflicts with rainbow-shitting, transvestite wannabes who perceive the group as a threat to their furry faggotry.

Nothinkat of Nothingkat.com raves "'furry faggotry' wrapped up in some anti-fur looking package." and proclaims "These people only like putting on the uniform for one reason... taking it back off."

"Kawaii Fascism!" exclaims Ryan, Member #1167, on masterzdm.com.

MagKnightX lets loose a cry of "Touch it! Love it! Liebe mein Affemonkey!" on crushyiffdestroy.com

"Nazi furs are gay" according to fausticle of ytmnd.com

"all the proof I need that furries are pure, concentrated evil." extols Portal of Evil's very own The Man Who Cares.

.: Nazi_Furs rules:.
This community is in no way related to - nor will tolerate - racial hatred, genocide, anti-semitism, or any political ideology relating to the former. We are simply a group of furries who enjoy either learning the history of World War Two or have a fetish pertaining to Nazis and Nazi uniforms, or both. The moderators of this community strictly monitor registration requests, and will not allow anyone who is in or relates with any hatred groups to join this community. Any posts pertaining to anti-semitism, racial hatred, ethnic cleansing, and the like (unless they are obviously sarcastic or humorous) will be deleted, and the posting user will be banned.

.: Nazi_Furs moderators:.
banalheart [SuperGruppenführer]
haubitze [Gruppenhelfer]

.: Nazi_Furs affliates:.
soviet_furs, a community dedicated to study of the Soviet Union and former Deutsche Demokratische Republik/DDR/East Germany.

.: Nazi_Furs links:.
Greendevils WWII vendor list- A great list of where to buy your kit, uniform, equipment. A must for every reenactor.
The History Place - The Rise of Adolf Hitler- An overview of Hitler's life from birth to his inception as dictator of Germany.
Anthro WWII Art Bunker - A place to post and view WWII furry artwork.
Fuhrer-chan! - Dedicated to humorious Hitler pictures.
/dictators - IIChan's own image board for dictators.
Wehrmact-Awards Forums - A great forums for information on uniforms, equipment, and history related to the WWII soldat.
Ebay! - great place to find uniforms. click this link to go directly to their militaria page.
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